Blueberry Crumble – Frozen Edition

Blueberry Crumble, photo by Natalie of

Blueberry Crumble, photo by Natalie of

Say hello to this guy, the yummiest blueberry crumble that you’ll ever taste, but the frozen version.  For the “with intention” workshop, that I catered a couple months ago, I tried to focus on vegan dishes, in doing so I came across this recipe: sans the “frosting.”

This dessert was a huge hit, eat it immediately out of the freezer or let sit for 20 minutes.  The usual warm blueberry crumble is definitely challenged by this refreshing and cold version.  The blueberry has a bold flavor and a cashew crust that just melts in your mouth, I’d make it again for any event!

I had previously planned to make this:


cheesecake stuffed strawberries and vegan chocolate truffles made during the testing session for “with intention” catering

But really, when you compare these cheesecake filled strawberries and vegan chocolate truffles, blueberry crumble wins everytime!

Happy Monday!  Enjoy it with something enjoyable like this or a three day juice cleanse challenge like this: Hacking the BluePrint Cleanse that Z and I are trying to do.  Wish us luck, I like to think of this cleanse as a revert back to babyhood, where solids do not exist in our diet.  Hopefully, no crying or diapers necessary.


6 thoughts on “Blueberry Crumble – Frozen Edition

  1. Everything looks so, so good – I want to try them all and rate them myself. I am just going to wish you the best with the cleans and hope you don’t feel it necessary to keep us updated on that 😉


  2. Yum! I absolutely LOVED your frozen blueberry crumble at the With Intention event. I think I ate about 3 of them! 🙂

  3. Casie, I’d love for you to write a guest post for my online magazine Sweet and Sage ( But I don’t have your email address. 😦 Please send me an email at and I’ll give you more info. Maybe you could share entertaining tips or another delish recipe?

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