Baby Shower Dessert Bar

One of my favorite people,  is having a baby!  My friend is the cutest thing, with and without the baby bump.  She knows about my fondness for baking because we get together a few times a year to bake, random items, just because it’s an excuse to hang out.  One of the best thing about friends, no rhyme or reason, just because.

Therefore, she asked me to do the desserts for her upcoming ‘co-ed baby shower’.  I love this idea because why shouldn’t the guys get to celebrate this too!  There’s roughly 50 people, so instead of doing a big cake, I thought about 4 different dessert items to cater to everyone’s tastes.  The menu includes:

Menu copyand then there’s the theme.  I was told “not too girlie”, which I’m not a big fan of pink, so that was easy for me to shy away from.  Then there’s the exciting news that her daughter will also be joining the Leo the Lions club!  (yea! leo’s!) (and hopefully the doctors and her body agree) We have a little lion theme going on.  Done and done.   So, I came up with orange, gold and a slight touch of pink:

Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Theme

Production of the desserts begins in t-minus 2 days, photos to come soon.



2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Dessert Bar

  1. Super excited to taste everything!!! Love you!!!

  2. Super excited to try it all!!! Love you!

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