Protein Punch

cilantro-garlic combo

Who’s ready for a short week, or better yet: eating well all week to prepare for a day of barbecuing and eating your heart out on the 4th!?!  That’s me!  I like to know that I can party and eat like a rock star once a week, this week it will be on the 4th.  So to kick off the week, I decided to make some salmon with cilantro, garlic and cumin.  Yum!  It’ll be a nice addition to my daily salad.  It’s a great protein addition and you can cook salmon so many different ways.

Salmon with Cilantro, Cumin, and Garlic dressing

Salmon with Cilantro, Cumin, and Garlic dressing


3 Cloves Garlic (minced)

Handful Cilantro (chopped)

2-3 teaspoons Cumin (when I add cumin, I go all out)

Combine all ingredients with olive oil, the amount is up to you, this will be what the salmon is sautéed in.  Place salmon and ingredients in container and shake up.  You are welcome to leave this to marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge or, do like I did and wait 5 minutes because time is of the essence.  Place salmon, skin side down on medium/low heat and cook until salmon is turning white almost half way through.  Pick up salmon to flip, pour any excess ingredients with olive oil in the pan, place flipped salmon on top.  Cook as long as you deem necessary, I enjoy my salmon medium-rare, but cook longer if you prefer well done salmon.

Let’s go!  Three more days until the weekend – hang in there.


5 thoughts on “Protein Punch

  1. I’m counting the days ’til the weekend too so my husband and I can enjoy some fireworks are go to the movies.

  2. Mmmmm….this sounds delicious – I am going to try it without the garlic. Any ideas for a replacement?

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