Featured Scone: Red, White & Blue

Cherry-Blueberry Scone

Cherry-Blueberry Scone

I’m not a big fan of EVER leaving the city, but I’ll do it if need be, I may kick, scream and scowl, but I’ll do it.  Now, isn’t it just life that when I actually want to leave and make plans that San Francisco’s BART (subway system) would go on strike.  Yea, I’m feeling like I’m in Europe right about now, I think that notion is the only thing that is getting me through the whole ordeal, “I am so european right now” (flipping hair back with attitude).  Today is Day 3 of the strike and it’s looking like we’ll be strapped to this city until the weekend.  I guess I’ll spend my time exploring, baking, cooking, drinking – oh, so a normal weekend, ok, all good!

Enjoy my recent creation of cherry-blueberry scones, yes I got a little inspiration from our upcoming 4th of July.  These little gems are simple and not too sweet, they would definitely balance out a strong cup of coffee.  I’m working on making them more moist without adding fat; a healthy scone means healthy hips.  Suggestions?


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