Skipping Scones – Contain It

Jar Construction

Jar Construction


So…Skipping Scones…

The brainstorming sessions have begun; coming up with concepts and interesting ideas on “mail-order-scones” that are modern and useful.  The general concept is to stick everything into a mason jar and only a liquid has to be added.  Utilizing coconut oil instead of butter will enable the packaging to contain this product and less “work” by the consumer.  Other than that I’m working on a combination of flour and oats to perfect the recipe.  I’ve created a graphic to help myself visualize the makeup of the product and as I go along, the graphic will evolve, visuals always help.

Palm Tress designed by Humberto Pornaro, Flour Jar designed by OCHA AVMU, Oats designed by Emily Tang, Fruit designed by Ben Hsu, Jar designed by Giulio Bertolotti,  all from The Noun Project

Whatcha Thinking?

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