The spice of your life!

Today, I’m going to have you guess a spice!

What is this?

What is this?

I usually enjoy this in coffee and baked goods (as for the reason that I’m bringing it up), I baked with this over the weekend.  I guess I’ve never broken open the shell to see with the actual spice looks like.  I was surprised!

cardamom 2

Like hamster turds?  ew. no.

Has anyone else cooked with this?  Here’s a better picture:

What the shell? (spongebob, anyone?)

What the shell? (spongebob, anyone?)

I want to know if anyone can guess what it is, leave your answer below and I’ll give you the answer on Wednesday, along with my featured scone.


8 thoughts on “The spice of your life!

  1. Sooooo…I by accidentally cheated and totally figured this out. So I am out of the running for the guessing game. Who knew that is what that looked like?!!

  2. Cardamon! What did you make with it?

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