Like Strawberry Wine

… but Pineapple!

Pineapple Wine from Maui, Hawaii

Pineapple Wine from Maui, Hawaii

Oh to be 17 again (know the song?).  My birthday recently passed (I’ve stopped counting at 28) so a lovely friend of mine decided to feed my passion for sweet wines.  Yes, I like them sweet, not acidic, usually white and sometimes with bubbles (just in case you are in the market).  So, understanding my satiation for all those listed, my friend knew I should add this Pineapple Wine to my repertoire.  I thought I’d share because it’s so unique, it actually tastes like pineapple vodka, not sure if that’s good or bad, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  It was actually discussed that this would be the perfect base to a white sangria!  Yes, it has a hint of fruitiness itself and not overwhelming.  It’s crazy, you should really try it yourself!  I’ve taken note of where to make this purchase and will be whipping up a white sangria next party!

Pineapple Wine from Maui, Hawaii

Pineapple Wine from Maui, Hawaii


4 thoughts on “Like Strawberry Wine

  1. Sounds delicious 🙂 (and thank you for reminding me of that song. My heart leapt when I saw the title of this post. Time to break out some Deana Carter! 🙂

  2. We have the same taste in wine! 🙂 The last time we were in Maui we tried some Pineapple wine and loved it, I don’t remember the brand however…

    • Yea! I love discovering new wines (that fit my palette)! I’m slowly working my way to enjoying refined “grown up” wine. But when this stuff rolls around how can you resist?!

  3. HEY!! Does anyone still work here? Can’t seem to find anything good to eat when this bog isn’t posting any more. What’s up with that? Mmmmmmm

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