Epic Fail

So, when I said that I’d post the recipe in the post earlier today, I meant, “I’l post my epic fail of what was supposed to be an awesome scone but really turned into burned crumbles of the idea of a scone.”  Oops.

Burnt Chunky Hazelnut and Chocolate Scones

Burnt Chunky Hazelnut and Chocolate Scones

I mean, REALLY?

Sans the complete flatness and burned edges these actually tasted quite good.  The boyfriend-roommate and I actually polished them all off.  I warned him, “do not share with anyone else!” I was too embarrassed to let anyone try/see them.  OMG.

This time around I tried almond flour; I have to admit that the kitchen was kind of warm so the mixture of that and coconut oil that wasn’t cold enough, are both contributing factors.  I mean it’s about presentation too!  I can’t make an ugly scones, ew.

These are definite “make-again” because the taste was chocolate and hazelnut, you really can’t go wrong – unless you burn them and turn them into pancakes. Not. Bitter. At. All.



Great start: Chop Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts and Chocolate

Hazelnuts and Chocolate

Enter: dark chocolate

Chunky Hazelnut and Chocolate Scones

Chunky Hazelnut and Chocolate Scones

Voila! (hand over face, peeking through middle and index finger, still can’t get over this)

I just had to share, it’s sometimes from our mistakes that we learn the best… here’s to learning!  I need  a glass of the pineapple wine




2 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Hmmmm? Epic Fail? Then why are there only two left? Looks like appearance and taste can be miles apart. I will be happy to take all your “Fails” and dispose of them properly 😉

  2. Oh no! Haha, well at least you can laugh at yourself, right? I make disasters in the kitchen from time to time as well. 🙂

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