Sweet Tooth

And we’re back…

Chocolate Mint Mousse

Chocolate Mint Mousse

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been… slacking…

During my slacking adventures I’ve partaken in a game night, Cards Against Humanity anyone?  Entrance into this little escapade was dessert.  Since I’ve been trying to engage in the Paleo Diet I thought it most appropriate to blow that deal and make some Chocolate Mint Mousse, nothing Paleo about that!  I put a twist on this Chocolate Mousse recipe, adding an extra cup of cream and an extra yolk bumped up the servings to make 8 cups of deliciousness.

My chocolate concoction included milk chocolate, semi-chocolate and Trader Joe’s most amazing mint chocolates:

Milk and Semi Chocolates

Milk and Semi Chocolates

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

I plopped in 6 or 7 sprigs of mint into the mix and kapow!  Amazing mint flavor.  A few chocolate covered espresso beans and another sprig of mint on top for “flare” and voila, Game Night Dessert!

Chocolate Mint Mousse

Chocolate Mint Mousse


One thought on “Sweet Tooth

  1. These were absolutely delicious! I would love to have had this as a drink, making the consistency thinner.

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