Weekend Highlight

So, I’ll admit I’m a busy lady, but besides that, coming up for content for blogging is quite that task.  Even thinking about sitting down to make a game plan is too time consuming, but in order to keep this blog going I guess I’ll have to break down at some point.  I’ve decided that Monday’s will be some highlight from my weekend adventures.

This Sunday I went to see the Redskins vs. Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum:

Feather Earrings!

Feather Earrings!

What a great atmosphere, if you’re a Raiders fan, otherwise it’s extremely intimidating.  I was way too scared to cheer too loud or make a move, these people will totally throw popcorn and heckle you, something I don’t want to participate in.  I can feed myself, I don’t need popcorn lodged at me by a stranger and I’m not a big shit-talker, so…yea, there’s that.  On the experience side, everyone is cheering the whole time, lots of hardcore fans, tons of noise.  Even though the Raiders are great fans, they seem to give up (like most fans) when you know you’re getting your butt kicked! Once the Raider’s started losing, fans started leaving.  People bolted once they realize the Redskins were going to actually win!  It was a big day for all us fans, it’s a rare sight.

Check out the Redskins section:

Redskins Section

Redskins Section

Halftime was an odd Zumba showcase:

Halftime Zumba showcase

Halftime Zumba showcase

I think the Redskins saw all the Zumba action, got excited and started playing well.  Also, did you notice that it’s a shared field with the baseball field?  I’ve been here for many Oakland A’s games, but never football.  Great game Skins!  Let’s keep up with this winning thing!

Oakland Coliseum

Oakland Coliseum


2 thoughts on “Weekend Highlight

  1. Hail to the Redskins, Hail victory!! I think you feather earrings were good luck…you know what that means about next Sunday :)….

  2. Pretty good game, I’m glad you survived. Themes is a great idea for making blogging easier.

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