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Hazelnut Orange Salad

Hazelnut Orange Salad

Ever have those days where you say, “I’m leaving early – no matter what?”  Well, today was definitely that day, except the outcome was, an hour meeting, turns into 2 hours and that turns into another meeting after the real meeting.  Either way things got done, but I’m beat!

I think late nights call for light dinners, something easy to throw together and healthy enough to settle those late-night tummy rumbles.  This salad is the perfect solution.  Throw in a little spinach, a little kale, segmented and sliced oranges, toasted hazelnuts, diced red onions, a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil…salt as needed.

HO Salad


Stay Calm and Keep Healthy!





obsessing over


Black Figs

Black Figs

All shapes, all sizes, all kinds, I just love them.  If I could keep a whole basket around, for a day, it would be a miracle.  Thank goodness they are being sold everywhere!  Walked down the street to do some furniture shopping yesterday and I came home with another basket of figs.  Yes, I may have a problem.

Green Figs

Green Figs

Black Figs



The red stuff

Red seeds, from what fruit?

Red seeds, from what fruit?

Ok, all, I’m going to have you guess which ingredient I have here.  I love this game, even for myself, it’s so much fun trying new things (although this one is an oldie for me) and having to scour the cities grocery stores to find the right ingredient.  Can you guess what this is?


Red seeds, from what fruit?

Red seeds, from what fruit?

They are usually encapsulated within a larger red skin, these are the seeds.  They are juicy and almost “pop” when you bite in.

List your guesses in the comment section, below.  I’ll cough up the answer and feature my recipe on the blog tomorrow!

Cardamom, no, yo momma!

You guys guessed it: Cardamom!

Cardamom Pods and Seeds

Cardamom Pods and Seeds

Being the third most expensive spice by weight and produced mainly in Guatemala, followed by India, Trader Joe’s sells it at a surprisingly affordable price!  Trader Joe’s also has an awesome cheese selection, just saying (I’m not paid for this advertisement).

Tomorrow: Grapefruit and Cardamom Scones

Protein Punch

cilantro-garlic combo

Who’s ready for a short week, or better yet: eating well all week to prepare for a day of barbecuing and eating your heart out on the 4th!?!  That’s me!  I like to know that I can party and eat like a rock star once a week, this week it will be on the 4th.  So to kick off the week, I decided to make some salmon with cilantro, garlic and cumin.  Yum!  It’ll be a nice addition to my daily salad.  It’s a great protein addition and you can cook salmon so many different ways.

Salmon with Cilantro, Cumin, and Garlic dressing

Salmon with Cilantro, Cumin, and Garlic dressing


3 Cloves Garlic (minced)

Handful Cilantro (chopped)

2-3 teaspoons Cumin (when I add cumin, I go all out)

Combine all ingredients with olive oil, the amount is up to you, this will be what the salmon is sautéed in.  Place salmon and ingredients in container and shake up.  You are welcome to leave this to marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge or, do like I did and wait 5 minutes because time is of the essence.  Place salmon, skin side down on medium/low heat and cook until salmon is turning white almost half way through.  Pick up salmon to flip, pour any excess ingredients with olive oil in the pan, place flipped salmon on top.  Cook as long as you deem necessary, I enjoy my salmon medium-rare, but cook longer if you prefer well done salmon.

Let’s go!  Three more days until the weekend – hang in there.

3-Day Juice Cleanse: The Final Product

The final product: I’ve made it, in one piece, no crying, no diapers.

I took a three days juice cleanse challenge for the past three days. This was one of those, “why not? sounds healthy, couldn’t hurt,” types of personal goals that I set for myself. This cleanse is supposed to help turn your body from acidic to alkaline with raw juices, this helps one remove the build-up of toxins in your system. Each of the 6 juices that I made are comprised of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are quickly absorbed and easy to assimilate.  This site took the expensive Blue Print cleanse and made it affordable and home made.

Farmer's Market Binge

Farmer’s Market Binge

To prep for this adventure I took off to the Civic Center Farmer’s Market, here, in downtown SF. Great farmer’s market with unbounding fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish (can’t wait for this weekend, when I’m not cleansing, to buy some fish for next week)! I gathered almost all of my ingredients for three days, two people (one being a growing boy that was nervous that he wouldn’t be full and wouldn’t have enough protein to last) and came home to start cleaning and chopping.

Getting Juiced

Getting Juiced

A few of the juices have protein powder added for the “growing boy” and three extra juices a day, so he doesn’t go starving, so I adjusted the recipes accordingly. I also had to alter all the recipes because they are asking to remove pulp from most of the juices, which I just can’t do – all those vitamins, minerals and fiber!

The favorite juice was: P.A.M. = Pineapple, Apple, Mint, what can I say, I favor fruit over veggies.

The least favorite juice was: Green Drink = Celery, Cucumber, Green Apples, Lemon Juice, Parsley, Romaine and Spinach

Here’s how I felt from day to day:

Day 1- Completely fine, energy levels high, full all day.  I actually only finished 4.5 of the 6 juices because they were so filling.

Day2- Great energy level, but I altered the recipes to be less thick (pulpy) and suffered because I moved through the drinks too quickly and finished 5 by 2:45pm, ran home after work for drink number 6 and had to eat 1/2 an apple keep from starving the rest of the night.

Day 3- Let’s just say that we ended it a little early.  We made only three of the 6 juices and had a late, “normal” lunch.  I used my teeth and utensils to eat, totally foreign to me at this point.

This was a great experiment.  I think this is something that I could do a day here and there, but more than a day and a half of baby food/juice and I’m kaput!  I would highly recommend this juicing regimen if you’re interested in trying, it’s affordable and very healthy.  We never felt week or tired.

Good Luck!